How to Retrieve Lost Video and Photos from Camcorder?

Yesterday, my friend had mistakenly deleted some videos on my JVC camcorder. These videos are quite precious to me. Is it possible to retrieve them back? I have not recorded anything else since the deletion.

It is a pity to lost some important and cherished video or photos from camcorder by accident. Usually, the main causes of loss of data can be classified as follows: accidently delete, device formatted, data corrupted, etc. No matter which reason leads to the data loss, the first priority is to stop using your camcorder in case of overwritten and your next step is to choose an effective and reliable Camcorder Recovery if you still want to get the lost video, photos, etc back. The following outlines two widely-used Camcorder Recovery Tools available on the market for convenience.


Part 1 The Best Camcorder Recovery

This Camcorder Recovery (for Windows, for Mac) is arguably one of the best software programs for retrieving lost data from camcorder. It allows you to safely restore all kinds of video, pictures and more from any camcorder including Cannon camcorder, JVC camcorder, Sony camcorder, Samsung camcorder, Panasonic camcorder and more. The other standout feature of this Camcorder Recovery is easy-to-use that suits both the professional and the beginners.

The Steps for Retrieving Data from Camcorder

Download this Camcorder Recovery which is fully compatible with both Mac (macOS Sierra included) and Windows (Windows 10 included). Below is about how to recover data from camcorder.

Step 1 Connect your camcorder to computer with a USB cable. After the program is launched, go ahead and select the lost files recovery among the four listed options.


Step 2 You can see your camcorder listed in the new window and select it. Here, you can also select the file type. Start searching for your lost files by hitting “Start” button on the bottom.


Step 3 Once the scanning process is done, all found files show in order. Preview them to make sure which ones are what you’d like to recover.


Step 4 In the last step, just click “Recover” button and specify the path. The program will automatically complete the rest of the work. Note that save the recovered data to a new place rather than your camcorder.

Part 2 Another Tool to Recover Lost Data from Camcorder

Many Camcorder Recovery exist that can help recover deleted files from camcorder. Apart from the Camcorder Recovery reviewed in the above paragraphs, here we introduce other another top recovery program for your selection.

This Camcorder Recovery (for Windows, for Mac) will be a sure bet to satisfy your needs. This is because it is designed to retrieve any lost, deleted, formatted video, audio, images, documents, email and more from a variety of devices like a computer’s drive, external disk, memory cards, USB flash drive, etc. It enables you to scan your device deeply and completely to increase the success rate of lost data recovery. Moreover, it allows you to get your data back within 3 simple steps and in the process of scan you can pause or stop scanning whenever you want. Just get the trial version to start recovering lost data quickly and painlessly.

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How to Retrieve Lost Video and Photos from Camcorder?


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