How to Retrieve Lost Music from SD Card?

SD Card is a magic tiny thing that helps us store anything like music, video, pictures and documents, .etc. For example, a finger-size SD Card is capable of saving thousands of music files for music lovers. However, everything has its drawback and SD Card is no exception. Sometimes, you will find your favorite music on SD Card is missing.

There is a lot of music on my Android phone’s SD Card. However, I lost all the songs that I had stored there… Why or how did this happen? I was wondering what program I can use that can recover these music files.

Usually, there are five reasons why you lost your data as below:

  1. Accidentally deleted by yourself.
  2. Accidental formatting SD Card.
  3. Mistakenly deleted by some program.
  4. Forcefully remove SD Card from device or device suddenly powers off when device is writing data to SD Card.
  5. Other reason.

Have you ever been in such situation? Do you dream to recover the deleted music? No matter what reason leads to music losing, the first thing is to stop using SD Card where you lost music and take it out from your phone, camera, .etc, just in case it is overwritten. The next crucial thing to do is to find a brilliant tool that best suits your needs. In my opinion, this SD Card Music Recovery (for Windows, for Mac) is the best available on the market. It supports recovering music from all popular SD Card like Sandisk SD card, ATP SD card, Kingston SD card, Transend SD card, PNY SD card, etc. In addition to music, it allows you to get back any data from your SD card, including pictures, videos, audio files, document files and more.

Steps on Recover Deleted Music from SD Card

Download the recovery tool as the operating system you have and install it. The following introduction will tell you how to restore lost music from SD Card on Mac. If your OS is Windows, this introduction also works.

Step 1 Connect your SD Card to your Mac with a card reader or without pulling out from your device.

Step 2 Run the SD Card Music Recovery for Mac, and choose a recovery mode. “Lost File Recovery” mode is first recommended.


Step 3 Check your SD Card from the list at the same time select music from drop-down button of “Select File Type” and turn on “Enable Deep Scan”.


Step 4 Tap “Scan” on the top left corner to activate the application and it will start scanning your SD Card automatically.


Step 5 Once the scan process is done, all found music is listed in order. Check the box before the music that you want to retrieve and click “Recover” button. Next, a window pops up and there choose the destination where you save the recovered music.



Keep in mind that you can’t save the recovered music to the original drive. Just choose another drive.

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How to Retrieve Lost Music from SD Card?


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