How to Convert CHM to PDF Effortlessly?

The Definition of CHM

CHM (Compiled HTML) is a document format developed by Microsoft. It comprises of a number of HTML pages, a table of content and an index. It is mostly used as help document of software in Windows. And there are some eBooks use this format too. Just like a HTML page, you will find text, images, hyperlinks, and JavaScript to enrich the content of the file. If you double click a CHM file in Windows, Windows will use it’s built-in CHM viewer, hh.exe, to show the content of your CHM file. You can even use hh.exe to decompress a CHM file into a series of HTML files in command line.

I have long been in search for a utility that converts CHM (Windows HTML Help) files to PDF. Here is the story: My friend has a MacBook with Mac OS X 10.8. As he is very much a computer novice, I sent him a .chm file to read and learn the basics, but he is unable to open it and he would rather it is a PDF document. So how can I convert CHM to PDF? Is there a good program to convert the CHM filed to PDF with good quality? (Preferably suitable for computer viewing)

To extricate yourself from the dilemma, the best solution is to turn to this professional yet easy-to-use CHM to PDF Converter (for Windows, for Mac), with which, you can convert CHM to PDF without any effort. Apart from CHM, it also enables you to save almost any file – Word, Excel, TXT, PowerPoint and more – as an industry-standard PDF. More powerful features wait for experience.

Convert CHM to PDF

Don’t hesitate and download this useful CHM to PDF Converter Mac version or Windows version and follow the steps as below to fast convert CHM to PDF.

Step 1 Follow the set-up wizard to install this wonderful CHM to PDF Converter and launch it.

Step 2 Double-click your CHM file to open it and then click “Print” button on the top of CHM file. A dialog box pops up and there choose the “Topics” that you want to print and click “OK”.


Step 3 Then go to a “Print” window. In this window, select “Wondershare PDFelement” as the printer and then click “Print” button on the bottom of the window.


Step 4 The printed CHM file appears in the CHM to PDF Converter. Click “File” button to choose “Save” and a “Save as” window pops up. Set the file name and file location.


Now, your CHM file is converted to PDF document readily. The conversion process will only take several minutes and all you need to do are only a few clicks. Is there an easier and faster tool than this CHM to PDF Converter?

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How to Convert CHM to PDF Effortlessly?


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