Best Solution to Convert Scanned PDF to Excel Effortlessly

There are two types of PDF documents: native PDF and scanned PDF. The fundamental difference between these two PDFs is the content of the native PDF document are texts but the scanned PDF is the image-based document that means there’s no text content but only an image embedded in each page of the PDF file so this type of PDF document can’t be searchable and editable.

For that reason, many people are looking for a powerful PDF tool for converting scanned PDF document. In this article I will humbly introduce you the best PDF Converter to help you convert scanned PDF to Excel without any hassle.

Best Scanned PDF to Excel Converter

Why do I recommend this Scanned PDF to Excel Converter (for Windows, for Mac) to you? This is because it has one of its top features as “OCR technology” which makes it possible to convert scanned PDF file to Microsoft Excel. Additionally, it allows you to convert scanned PDF document to many other editable formats like convert scanned PDF to Word, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, RTF and more.

Other outstanding features that make this scanned PDF to Excel Converter popular include modify the pages of your PDF like add and edit text, change text font, size and color, apply passwords and prevent unauthorized access and changes to PDFs, combine multiple file formats like Word, Excel and PDF, or separate large PDFs, extract specific pages from a document to create new PDF files as per your needs, etc. It helps you take full control of a PDF file on both Mac (macOS Sierra included) and Windows (Windows 10 included).

Steps for Converting Scanned PDF to Excel

If this scanned PDF to Excel Converter is just what you want, you can download it to have a try. And the following is the step by step guide to tell you how to use it.

Step 1 Add scanned PDF to the program

Run this Scanned PDF to Excel Converter after install it. Click “Open…” to browse your computer and open the PDF that you want to convert. Head to “Edit” tab and click “OCR” button. And then a window pops up to ask you to choose the language of the scanned document. Choose the language and click “OK”.

Step 2 Setting for converting scanned PDF to Excel

After step 1, the program will open the new created PDF file automatically. Click “To Excel” option from the same ribbon menu and the system pops up a “Convert to Excel” window. There you can set the output format and the page range.
Step 3 Start converting scanned PDF to Excel

After all, check the box of “Enable OCR” and “Convert” to finish the conversion from scanned PDF to Microsoft Excel. The program will do the rest of the job as soon as possible. Note that the OCR function is available after you purchase the OCR plug-in.

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Best Solution to Convert Scanned PDF to Excel Effortlessly


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